DATE             ITINERARY      STAY 
06.06.2024   Departure from Coimbatore   12.00 hrs
    Arrival Palakkad Jn   13.05 hrs
    Departure from Palakkad Jn   13.10 hrs
    Arrival Ottapalam   14.10 hrs
    Departure from Ottapalam at   14.15 hrs
    Arrival Thrisur   14.45 hrs
    Departure from Thrisur at   14.50 hrs
    Arrival Ernakulam Town   16.20 hrs
     Departure from Ernakulam Town at   16.25 hrs
    Arrival Kottayam   17.30 hrs
    Departure from Kottayam   17.35 hrs
    Arrival Kollam Jn.   19.35 hrs
    Departure from Kollam Jn. at   19.40 hrs
    Arrival Sengottai   21.40 hrs
    Departure from Sengottai at   21.45 hrs
    Arrival Tenkasi Jn.   22.00 hrs
    Departure from Tenkasi Jn. at   22.05 hrs
    Arrival Rajapalaiyam   23.30 hrs
    Departure from Rajapalaiyam at   23.35 hrs
        Train Journey
07.06.2024   Arrival Virudunagar Jn.   00.35 hrs
    Departure from Virudunagar Jn.   00.40 hrs
    Arrival Madurai Jn.    01.40 hrs
    Departure from Madurai Jn. at   01.45 hrs
    Arrival Dindigul Jn   03.00 hrs
    Departure from Dindigul Jn at   03.05 hrs
    Arrival Tiruchchirappalli Jn.   05.05 hrs
    Departure from Tiruchchirappalli Jn at   05.10 hrs
    Arrival Vriddhachalam Jn   07.10 hrs
    Departure from Vriddhachalam Jn   07.15 hrs
    Arrival Villupuram Jn.   08.15 hrs
    Departure from Villupuram   08.20 hrs
    Arrival Chennai Egmore    11.20 hrs
    Departure from Chennai Egmore at   11.25 hrs
    Arrival Gudur Jn.   14.25 hrs
    Departure from Gudur Jn. at   14.30 hrs
    Arrival Nellore at   15.30 hrs
    Departure from Nellore at   15.35 hrs
    Arrival Ongole at   17.35 hrs
    Departure from Ongole at   17.40 hrs
    Arrival Chirala at   18.40 hrs
    Departure from Chirala at   18.45 hrs
    Arrival Vijayawada Jn   20.45 hrs
    Departure from Vijayawada Jn at   20.50 hrs
    Arrival Miryalaguda    23.50 hrs
    Departure from Miryalaguda at   23.55 hrs
        Train Journey
08.06.2024   Arrival Nalgonda at   00.30 hrs
    Departure from Nalgonda at   00.35 hrs
    Arrival Secunderabad at   02.35 hrs
    Departure from Secunderabad at   02.40 hrs
    Arrival  Kazipet Jn. at   03.40 hrs
    Departure from Kazipet Jn. at   03.45 hrs
    Arrival Balharshah   08.00 hrs
    Departure from Balharshah at   08.05 hrs
    Arrival Nagpur   12.20 hrs
    Departure from Nagpur at   12.25 hrs
    Arrival Nagpur   12.15 hrs
    Departure from Nagpur at   12.20 hrs
        Train Journey
09.06.2024   Arrival Virangana Lakshmibai Jhansi   02.20 hrs
    Departure from Virangana Lakshmibai Jhansi   03.00 hrs
    Arrival Kanpur   06.00 hrs
    Fresh up     
    Departure from Kanpur at   10.00 hrs
    Arrival Naimisharanya at   13.00 hrs
    Visit: Chakra Teerth, Janaki Kund,    
     Hanuman Garhi, Lalithambigai, Vyas Gaddi Temple,     
    Sri Devaraja Perumal Temple (Dhivya Desam)     
    Departure from Naimisharanya at   19.00 hrs
    Arrival Lucknow at   23.00 hrs
        Night Stay
10.06.2024   Departure from Lucknow at   11.00 hrs
    Arrival Bhairawa  at   18.00 hrs
        Night Stay
11.06.2024   Departure from Bhairawa at   07.00 hrs
    Arrival Pokhara   13.00 hrs
    Mahendra Cave , World Peace Pagoda     
    Boating in Phewa Lake   Night Stay
12.06.2024   Departure from Pokhara at   06.00 hrs
    Arrival Jomsom   13.00 hrs
    Proceed to Mukthinath.     
    Darshan of  Sri Moorthy Perumal(DivyaDesam)    
        Night Stay
13.06.2024   Departure from Jomsom at   07.00 hrs
    Arrival Pokhara at   13.00 hrs
        Night Stay
14.06.2024   Departure from Pokhara   07.00 hrs
    Arrival Kurintar   11.00 hrs
    Proceed by Cable Car to Manakamana    
    To reach back at Kurintar at   15.00hrs
    Departure from Kurintar at   16.00 hrs
    Arrival Kathmandu at   20.00 hrs
        Night Stay
15.06.2024   Kathmandu City Tour : Durbar Square ,     
    Pasupathinath ,Budha Nilkant ,     
    Boudhnath ,Jal Narayan     
    Trip to Patan&Bakthapur   Night Stay
16.06.2024   Departure from Kathmandu at   04.00 hrs
    Arrival Bhairawa at   11.00 hrs
    (Complete customs and immigration formalities)    
    Arrival Ayodhya at   17.00 hrs
        Night Stay
17.06.2024   Darshan of Lord Rama (Dhivya Desam)    
    Departure from Ayodhya at   11.00 hrs
    Arrival Lucknow at   15.00 hrs
    Board train from Lucknow at   16.40 hrs
    Arrival Jhansi at   22.35 hrs
        Train Journey
18.06.2024   Arrival Virangana Lakshmibai Jhansi   01.30 hrs
    Arrival Nagpur   15.30 hrs
    Arrival Balharshah   19.30 hrs
        Train Journey
19.06.2024   Arrival Kazipet at   00.05 hrs
    Arrival Secunderabad Jn. at    02.00 hrs
    Arrival Nalgonda   04.00 hrs
    Arrival Miryalaguda   05.00 hrs
    Arrival Vijayawada Jn. at    08.00 hrs
    Arrival Chirala    10.00 hrs
    Arrival Ongole    11.00 hrs
    Arrival Nellore   13.00 hrs
    Arrival Gudur Jn. at   14.00 hrs
    Arrival Chennai Egmore at   17.00 hrs
    Arrival Villupuram Jn. at   20.00 hrs
    Arrival Vridhachalam Jn. at   21.00 hrs
    Arrival Trichy at   23.00 hrs
        Train Journey
20.06.2024   Arrival Dindigul Jn. at   01.00 hrs
    Arrival Madurai Jn. at   02.30 hrs
    Arrival Virudunagar Jn.   03.30 hrs
    Arrival Rajapalaiyam   04.30 hrs
    Arrival Tenkasi Jn. at   06.00 hrs
    Arrival Sengottai   06.15 hrs
    Arrival Kollam Jn. at   08.15 hrs
    Arrival Kottayam    10.15 hrs
    Arrival Ernakulam Town   11.30 hrs
    Arrival Thrisur at   13.00 hrs
    Arrival Shoranur Jn at   13.30 hrs
    Arrival Palakkad Jn.   14.30 hrs
    Arrival Coimbatore North Jn. at   16.00 hrs
NOTE: All the mentioned arrival and departure timings,signals, route are subject to change by Indian Railways 

What is included in the tour


  • 2  AC Train ticket
  • AC Transportation 
  • NAC Transportation on the Hills (Sunauli (Nepal Border) to Sunauli) 
  • AC Room accommodation
  • AC Room at Kanpur for fresh up
  • Vegetarian Breakfast , Lunch,  Dinner (snacks and beverages while onboard only)
  • 1 Litre water bottle x 1 Per Day 

Comfort (3AC):

  • 3  AC Train ticket
  • AC Transportation 
  • NAC Transportation on the Hills (Sunauli (Nepal Border) to Sunauli)
  • AC Room accommodation
  • NAC Room at Kanpur for fresh up
  • Vegetarian Breakfast , Lunch,  Dinner (snacks and beverages while onboard only)
  • 1 Litre water bottle x 1 Per Day 


  • SL class Train ticket
  • NAC Transportation 
  • NAC Room accommodation
  • NAC room for fresh up at Kanpur 
  • Vegetarian Breakfast , Lunch,  Dinner (snacks and beverages while onboard only)
  • 1 Litre water bottle x 1 Per Day 

What is NOT included in the tour

  • All Entrance Fee and entertainment Charges
  • Anything not mentioned under inclusion
Pickup point
Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India View on Map

South Star Rail,ULA  & Bharath Gaurav Tourist Train partnership will flag off from Coimbatore the oldest living city in south to North on 06.06.2024. The Destination covered during this 15 days itinerary will be Naimisharanya - Pokhara – Jomsom – Mukthinath – Kathmandu –Pashupathinath – Ayodhya. Tourist can board from Coimbatore-Palakkad-Shoranur-Thrissur-Ernakullam-Kottayam-Kollam-Sengotai-Tenkasi-Rajapalayam-Virudhunagar-Madurai-Dindigul-Trichy-Vriddhachalam-Villupuram-Chennai Egmore-Gudur-Nellore-Ongole-Chirala-Vijayawada-Miryalaguda-Nalgonda-Secunderabad

Salient Feature of South Star - 3 AC-05 coaches, 2AC-2 coaches,  SL-03 Coaches, 2 - Pantry Car, 2 SLR (One fitted with a generator for additional power supply to the pantry car. The additional generator would ensure unlimited South Indian meals onboard to all 704 tourists onboard. Known for their delicacies onboard South Star is all set to ensure hygienic meals onboard based on the meal plan. 

The flexible rates offered on South Star are designed based on the coach type, berth preferences, meal plan, accommodation type & ground transportation type. The Indian Railways & South Star are all set to welcome Yatris on board South Star  for an unforgettable divine experience. 

14 Nights 15 Days 06 Jun, 06 Jun, 06 Jun, and more Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu